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What Community Do We Serve?

Mashapaug Pond is located on the Cranston/Providence border, especially close to the Reservoir, Elmwood, and West End neighborhoods of Providence. Mashapaug Pond is connected to the Roger Williams Park Ponds, is part of the Pawtuxet River Watershed, and the Narragansett Bay Watershed. Despite problems of contamination, these ponds represent some of the biggest open spaces in the city, and are important places of recreation for Providence families. The Narragansett Estuary Program estimates that 1 million people visit Roger Williams Park yearly. EPA estimates that 28,244 people live within a one-mile radius of the Gorham site and 228,435 people live within a four-mile radius. There are also two schools in the immediate area: Charles Fortes Elementary School and Alvarez High School. UPP conducts workshops in other Providence schools: Sofia Academy, Community Prep, the Met School, and Nathan Bishop. The connected nature of the waters whose health we aim to improve means that the number of stakeholders is broad.

Many of the stakeholders are people of color; in Reservoir Triangle, 16.6% of residents identify as Black or African American, 22.6% of residents identify as Hispanic and 15.4% identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. In the Southside, 24.4% of residents identify as Black or African American, 52.3% as Hispanic, and 9.1% as Asian or Pacific Islander.

Many of the stakeholders come from low- or middle-income families. The median household income is $39, 769 and 10.4% of families are below the poverty line. The median household income in the Southside is $20,928 and 35.5% of families are below the poverty line. (Providence Plan)


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